Flora Xtra2000HUV 80″ UV LED Hybrid Printer

Download the Xtra 2000HUV Brochure

  • Konica Grayscale print heads, variable drop size from 6pl to 18pl
  • 4~12 print heads (4 Color, 5 Color, 6 Color Options)
  • ( C+M+Y+K) or (C+M+Y+K+W) or (C+M+Y+K+V) or (C+M+Y+K+W+V)
  • Print width up to 79″
  • Prints up to 2″ thick.
  • Auto Height adjust system, Independent ink purging system
  • Vacuum Conveyor Belt Drive System

1.Variable Color Configuration + Grayscale Print mode
Variable configuration to satisfy different customers for high speed, high resolution, as well as white application needs. True grayscale printing, drop size from 6pl to 18pl, which makes both solid color and smooth color gradation possible.
2.Anti-crash Sensor – Resume print after emergency -stop The safety anti-crash sensor can detect the media circumstance beforehand and protect the print heads from a crush hazard. After that, you can resume printer, which will help you save media.
3. Automatic Height Adjust System – This function automatically adjusts the height of the carriage up to 2” thick , setting the carriage to the proper height and reducing the risk of head strikes.
4. Automatic Pin Registration System – Our Automatic Pin Registration system aids in easy edge to edge printing, which helps simplify media location which ensures high quality precision output.
5. Vacuum Convey-belt System with Tables – Strong Vacuum for easy moving of rigid material up to 2” thick on the convey-belt.  Easily moves flexible media as well, such as Vinyl, Banner, Paper, etc.
6. Industrial Take up & Feeding System – Rotate speed adjustable motor & pneumatic shaft can be adapted to various thickness substrates.
7. Dual Negative Pressure System – Independent negative pressure system used for CMYK and White can effectively guarantee the continuity of print for all the colors.
8.Industrial Extension Platform – Industrial strength media handling system up to 400lbs. Print length can be up to 98” without the need for helper tables.
9.Dedicated White Ink – XTRA2000H offers eight major utilizing white ink applications, which is the most common application for dark or transparent substrates to highlight and present the most vivid of graphic. Three layers printing ( C+W+C) carry out synchronously double side printing on any transparent substrate.