Flora Xtra3300L 10.5′ UV Roll to Roll Printer


  • Supports grayscale printing with Konica Minolta printheads
  • 4~10 print heads/4C+White(CMYKW)
  • Draft Quality speed up to 1,000 sqft/hr
  • Printing width 10.5′
  • Auto Height adjust system, Independent ink purging system

1.Linear Motor & Metal Raster System
Upgraded X axis motor for fast and stable printing. New Metal raster encoder strip improves ink drop placement for a higher quality print.
2.Automatic Head Height Adjust System
The automatic head height adjust system allows you to print on materials of varying thickness. This height adjustment allows for more accurate drop placement so you get the best print quality possible.
3.LED light Box System
Build-in LED makes it become light box, you can preview the actual resolution when printing.
4.Suction Adjustable System
The suction system can be adjusted, which will help remove wrinkling.
5.Electronic Purging and Flushing System
Safe and easy to perform purging and flushing. Save on ink and maintenance costs.
6.Innovative Substrates feeding System
Multi-points floating tension system, which ensure the substrate moves accurately and smoothly.
7.Dual AC Servo Motors for Feeding System
Dual servo motor for feeding system, two movement mode for different substrate, which ensures feeding accurately and high quality printing output.
8.Infrared safeguard
Infrared safeguard can auto detect the impediment in the take up and feeding system area, secure the safe production.
9.Industrial Take up & Feeding System
Industrial strength media handling system up to 790 lbs.  Upright lock for tension rollers design which makes it easy to load and unload for quick job turn-over. 
10.Simultaneous printing on up to 3 rolls
Capable of printing on up to 3 rolls simultaneously, which enhance productivity and reduce the labor cost.